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Storytelling, the Missing Link for People Analytics Teams

Storytelling, the Missing Link for People Analytics Teams




30 minutes

Peter Howes

Chair, Newstead Brewing Company

Founder, Infohrm

Former VP Workforce Planning & Analytics, SAP SuccessFactors

The session will explore options for the presentation and communication of People Analytics. Many People Analytics teams think of their job as providing the results of their analyses. In reality, this is only half of the role. Analytics needs to be converted to “calls for action” through storytelling if it’s going to be truly impacting.

We’re truly fortunate to feature Peter as a speaker once again at People Analytics World. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of the most influential figures in People Analytics, who has made a huge contribution to HR Technology, Planning and Analytics over more than 40 years.


Storytelling, the Missing Link for People Analytics Teams

  • Many HR practitioners and line managers don’t have the professional skills to correctly interpret the results and outputs from People Analytics teams, and this runs the risk that they may misinterpret the results published by People Analytics teams. Storytelling addresses this challenge.
  • Many People Analytics teams see their role as publishing and disseminating the results of their analytics and reports. This is necessary but not sufficient. People Analytics teams need to to view decision making as the true outcome from their analysis, and that storytelling is a core component of encouraging decision-makers to take action based on the analysis.

This session will explore:

  • Where does storytelling fit into the People Analytics continuum from data to action?
  • Why publishing People Analytics is not sufficient
  • Components of effective storytelling, and their application to People Analytics
  • Key outcome from People Analytics storytelling; making a compelling call to action.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the core components of effective storytelling
  • Understand how to integrate storytelling with People Analytics
  • Commitment to building storytelling as a core competency of any People Analytics team.

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Peter Howes Storytelling People Analytics

Peter Howes

Chair, Newstead Brewing Company

Founder, Infohrm; former VP SuccesFactors


Peter Howes is one of the most influential figures in People Analytics and Workforce Planning, helping shape the evolution of the field over the last 45 years. Starting out as an academic at Queensland Institute of Technology in 1976, Peter lecturerd in HR Management and Behavioural Science, and pioneered their Workforce Planning course. Peter then found his way into the HR software industry in the early 80s, owning and running HRIS companies, and creating the internationally-recognised firm HRM Consulting.

HRM Consulting morphed into Infohrm, which pioneered the cloud-based delivery of People Analytics and Workforce Planning products and services. Infohrm was acquired by SuccessFactors, which was then acquired by SAP.

As VP Workforce Planning & Analytics, Peter continued to share his broad knowledge and perspective with senior leadership teams of corporate clients around the world.

Peter is now the CEO of Newstead Brewing Co. in Brisbane, and also a Member of the governing council of the Queensland University of Technology.