Employee Experience: Powered by Digital and Analytics





11/04/2018 14:50


Vice President, Head of Digital HR & People Analytics

How Solvay created a one-stop shop for employees, the data that they capture, and how this leads to new analytics that allow better business decisions and EX.

Who Should Attend:

Start / Grow stage, looking at the bigger framing of employee experience

The Challenge:

Improving the Employee Experience, both from employees (bottom-up) and from managers (top-down)

The Content:

Employee Experience is a critical “red line” and goes beyond HR: it has many elements, of which People Analytics and Digital HR is one
+ People Analytics and Digital HR go hand-in-hand: we tackle both together
+ For example, “triggers and nudges” in our digital HR App help to foster a culture of 360 feedback, diversity, etc.
+ A specific People Analytics case we have done with our salespeople, as they bring in our revenue: insights in terms of faster time-to-performance, team composition, etc.

The Lessons:

+ It’s all about putting employees central and thus thinking at business company level (not HR)
+ DIgital and People Analytics need to be hand-in-hand
+ Always start with a burning need from employees and business

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