Competency Development….With Data!?





11/04/2018 12:20


Head of People Science & Analytics

Twitter has been mapping individual competencies and performance stats, and their relation to organisational performance, using employee data and operational KPIs. Learn their method.

Who Should Attend:

Analytics and OD professionals

The Challenge:

Companies will often define their competency models, but are they analysed and validated to evolve and reflect the changing landscape using data?

The Content:

Competencies are abilities or attribute (KSAO’s), described in terms of behaviour, key to effective and/or highly effective performance. This presentation will talk through a data-based approach and process of developing and validating manager and individual competencies. It will illustrate guidance along with case study on how operational outcomes are used to develop and validate these competencies.

The Lessons:

How to think about analytics in the space of competency development and validation.

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