Engagement Check-Ins – A Proactive Approach to Employee Retention





12/04/2018 11:30


Global Director People Analytics & Insights

Take a more proactive approach to addressing employee concerns. From a predictive turnover model to a targeted engagement interview, to specific front-line manager intervention – learn how to retain your high-risk employees with this methodology.

Who Should Attend:

Leaders of employee engagement, enablement, and retention initiatives; HR professionals wanting to take a more proactive approach at addressing employee concerns.

The Challenge:

Given the costs associated with employee turnover, organisations are motivated to both understand and act on the concerns that cause employees to leave. Though Exit Surveys provide valuable feedback from departing employees, the information is lagging and it is too late to intervene and prevent the loss. A more proactive approach at understanding the employee experience is needed to address the concerns underlying turnover intentions and prevent regrettable losses before they happen.

The Content:

Review how Nestle Waters leverages both a predictive model and workforce planning approach to conducting Engagement Check-Ins with employees. A real-time pulse of the organisation is provided through an online tool that aggregates employee feedback and captures action planning.

The Lessons:

Engagement Check-Ins can be used to proactively understand and improve the employee experience, increasing engagement and retention.

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