You are currently viewing Analysis Paralysis: Virtual Escape Room @ People Analytics World 2021

Analysis Paralysis: Virtual Escape Room @ People Analytics World 2021

Analysis Paralysis: Virtual Escape Room @ People Analytics World 2021

HR Analytics Escape Room People Analytics World PAWorld21

Interactive track

Video Meeting

Thursday 22 April

07:00 - 08:30 UTC

13:00 - 14:30 UTC

20:00 - 21:30 UTC

A fun, scenario-based exercise in data literacy, fact-based problem-solving, analytics awareness, and data communication skills

Join this session at #PAWorld21, be placed into a group with 3-4  others, and take on this challenge to beat the clock and solve the problem scenario.

  • Choose to be in a group based on data fluency level, seniority, and language
  • Join a video meeting together for the onboarding session
  • Work as a team within 45mins to solve a mystery, and avoid a PR disaster!

The game puts you in the HR team of a fictional company that is under huge media pressure, following an anonymous interview with a renegade manager. It’s up to you and your team to help the CEO to come up with a robust explanation based on the facts, and save the image of the company.

There is no required level of data proficiency to play the game. Any professional with business-level English should be able to play, and you don’t need anything other than a PAWorld21 pass and a web browser to join.

Afterwards, join a debrief session to reflect on the lessons learned, and get the chance to try this out at your own organisation…

Game time: 45mins
+30-45mins briefing and debriefing


“This was a great opportunity for us to increase the awareness and benefits of working with a more fact-based approach.”

Patrick Coolen ABN Amro HR Analytics Escape Room People Analytics World

If you’re interested in trying the HR Analytics Escape Room – or a similar game – at your own company, to build skills in data literacy and decision-making among your team and wider workforce, please get in touch here:

This session is a playful and engaging learning experience:

  • The game provides awareness of data-driven decision making
  • Players gain experience of the common pitfalls and challenges when working with data
  • Players come to understand the importance of a data-driven mindset within modern business operating model.

The game can be used within wider Data Literacy training for your team:

  • As a playful tool for first awareness of the topic
  • As a diagnosis tool for players to discover what skills employees need to develop in order to increase their fact based mindset and critical thinking
  • As a safe playground to bring acquired skills into practice.
When the game is over, join a debrief session where you can reflect on the experience, and also find out more about how to apply the game in your own company. There will be prizes!