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New Evolutions in Talent Intelligence

New Evolutions in Talent Intelligence




Thu 28 April

16:00 BST

Marlieke Pols

Senior Program Manager - Talent Intelligence

Due to the continuous changes that organisations are facing in this volatile world, Talent Intelligence has never bene more vital for organisations’ growth and survival. Expeditious technological advancements mean that organisations need to be innovative to keep pace with the rapidly changing and competitive environment and to achieve their goals.

An instinct or a feeling is no longer enough in this time of continuous change; there needs to be precise and compelling data to back up business decisions. Business leaders need to have a comprehensive workforce strategy in place to address these challenges. They need to have the right skilled people, and this is where Talent Intelligence can be of value.

This session will explore:

  • How Talent Intelligence has evolved over time
  • The external people data that can now be collected, and the analyses that can be performed
  • The ways that TI functions are providing critical insight to key business decisions
  • Common practice in team setup and operations
  • How TI is evolving, and the strategic position it is now beginning to occupy in the organisation.

Learning outcomes:

  • Envisage where a Talent Intelligence team can add value to your organisation
  • Learn about emerging trends that you can get ahead of when planning your TI capability
  • Find out best practices across industry.
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Marlieke Pols

Senior Program Manager - Talent Intelligence

Over the years I have developed a huge passion for Talent Intelligence and how organizations can use Talent Intelligence to advise on strategic business decisions in relation to the external labor market. My knowledge is focused on advising Real Estate, HR and Competitor Intelligence related research questions.

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