Moneyball: Analytics in SMEs





11/04/2018 16:50


Learn how a not-for-profit company has used different data sources to get better insight and ROI from young talent, by thinking differently from bigger players.

Who Should Attend:

SMEs, Companies building their analytics functions, Practitioners with small analytics teams, Start ups.

The Challenge:

How do you build an analytics function in a company that has little historical data, no budget for resource or equipment, and is so small you barely have enough staff to create two sample sizes for experimentation? And even when you’ve built this analytics function, how do you then compete in a recruitment market where your competitors are over 300 times bigger than you?

The Content:

– Quick introduction to Moneyball: who is Bill James, what happened and why it matters.
– B&CE: The company and its’ situation: Geographic, historic and cultural.
– The evaluation method of our development programmes
– Use of Staff Comparator Model to create control groups for experimentation
– What we discovered regarding training, development and engagement
– The remodelling of the development programs to deliver ROI & build better talent pipelines.

The Lessons:

People will:
– Learn practical methods to evaluate ROI and innovative uses of engagement survey data.
– Learn tools and techniques that are simple to understand, design and implement.
– Gain more value from staff engagement surveys.
– Gain knowledge around how to evaluate L&D and why some succeed and others fail.

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