Operationalising People Analytics and Creating Value





12/04/2018 14:50


Global Leader - Talent Analytics & Insights

Learn P&G’s guiding principles for creating value for the business with People Analytics, and how an expat decision-making analytics project resulted in saving millions of dollars.

Who Should Attend:


The Challenge:

People Analytics has one main task – create value through data-based decision making in HR. In this presentation, P&G describes how they aim to continually execute that task in an environment where resources for the topic are scarce. The presenter will walk through P&G’s guiding principles and how the team is operationalized around People Analytics as well as a direct case study showcasing a people analytics projects that have resulted in saving millions of dollars.

The Content:

– Creating a People Analytics function with limited resources (time, budget, people)
– P&G’s guiding principles for creating value
– Case study showcasing millions of dollars worth of savings through expat decision making
– Step-by-step walk-through of creating value through People Analytics.

The Lessons:

– How to create value-adding action based on data-informed insights in HR
– Creating a value-adding People Analytics practice with limited resources
– Strategies for creating value in People Analytics functions.

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