Using HR Analytics to Drive Business Decisions and Solve Business Problems





12/04/2018 12:20


Global Head, HR Analytics, Strategy & Planning

After showing a clear improvement in Sales productivity through HR Analytics, Syngenta’s team now apply the same approach in other areas of business. Learn how you can show similar impact.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who is setting up the function or established in it. Very useful for users of analytics, as well as HR Business Partners, business heads, HR CoE partners etc. No technical sophistication required : no display of tools. Anyone who is in HR and under

The Challenge:

Approach to solving for business issues using HR analytics. The case would cover 2 aspects : 1) Using HR analytics to solve for the business problems and creating a business case for change 2) Measuring ROI of the intervention.

The Content:

Case Study – Approach put to practice : how HR analytics contributed to better sales force productivity through various OD interventions taken based on HR Analytics. This covered 13 countries in APAC. The case will deepdive to one territory and will cover the journey from data mining to insights to business decisions and solution & impact.

The Lessons:

It will help the audience in:
1) Understanding correlation/impact of employees and HR policies on business issues
2) To be able to build a business case for change based on HR analytics
3) Know how to calculate ROI on HR analytics and interventions proposed
4) How to get business buy-in for HR Analytics, and how best to represent HR data

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