Joining The Dots: Making People Analytics Matter Across the Organisation





11/04/2018 14:50


Global Head of People Analytics & Planning

Michael Cox

Head of People Analytics, Western Europe

How Nestlé built strategic data partnerships across the organisation; designing future Enterprise Analytics.

Who Should Attend:

Senior professionals and leaders in HR, Analytics and wider business strategy

The Challenge:

Picture it: in a globally distributed, complex and ever-changing business, the HR team has not traditionally leveraged and managed their data to drive results out of analytical approaches to problem solving.

How to do drive the change that will ensure that businesses of varying scale and type – facing different challenges, where analytics are used by business functions other than HR to drive results – are able to leverage People Analytics capabilities to understand the drivers of risk to business execution presented by the workforce?

The Content:

Jordan and Michael will explain:
1. Positioning People Analytics as a business enabler, not an HR division
2. The scope of a global People Analytics function
3. Rapid and global People Analytics Maturity Development
4. In practice – the UK&I cross-functional Analytics
5. Principles in practice – a case example

The Lessons:

1. How to structure the build of a People Analytics function “ground-up”
2. How to rapidly build People Analytics maturity
3. How to look at the data and analytics across your organisation from a perspective of collaboration.

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