Job Design & Social Analytics





12/04/2018 14:50


VP People Operations

Hear the advice of a senior Analytics leader at Unilever, Deutsche Bank and Zalando as he describes methods that have led to ongoing, long-term success in several companies.

Who Should Attend:

Problem solvers that enjoy thinking laterally.

The Challenge:

Many PA teams approach challenges as a research project. This makes it difficult to scale solutions across the business, and reflect changes in the business environment.

I will provide an overview of some methods and approaches that I have used at Unilever, Deutsche Bank, Zalando and other organisations that are still regarded as relevant because they provide on-going, long-term value for these organisations.

The Content:

– Challenges of operating in isolation.
– Systems Thinking: The organisation as an open system.
– Networks: a method based on Enterprise Architecture
– Case Example: Job design, role interactions, and optimisation using social network analysis.

The Lessons:

Hear about methods used to deliver on-going, long-term success at Unilever, Deutsche Bank and Zalando – such that they continue to be referenced as cornerstones for the world-class analytics capabilities in these organisations today.

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