You are currently viewing Job Descriptions for a new People Analytics Operating Model for the Digital Era (DEPA:OM)

Job Descriptions for a new People Analytics Operating Model for the Digital Era (DEPA:OM)

Job Descriptions for a new People Analytics Operating Model for the Digital Era (DEPA:OM)

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Max Blumberg & Dave Millner

The Blumberg Partnership

HR Curator

Max Blumberg People Analytics Operating Model

An earlier session (Wednesday 21 April, 12:00-12:45) proposed a new and more appropriate People Analytics operating model for the digital era – DEPA:OM (Digital Era People Analytics: Operating Model).

The goal of DEPA:OM is to address the limitations of current operating models used by many People Analytics functions, which have a negative impact on the People Analytics function effectiveness.

This workshop will delve more deeply into DEPA:OM and show participants how to design job descriptions for the various roles required for DEPA:OM implementation.

Slides available in PDF (Pro pass only)


Job Descriptions for a new People Analytics Operating Model for the Digital Era (DEPA:OM)

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Max Blumberg People Analytics Operating Model

Max Blumberg

People Analytics Consultant; Founder

The Blumberg Partnership

As a seasoned Organizational Development and Analytics Advisor, I help companies to improve their effectiveness.

The techniques I’ve developed are now taught by many Universities and professional bodies including the CIPD, University of Leeds, Goldsmiths University of London, and the Marshall Business School at the University of Southern California. You can also read about them in books like The Power of People (Jonathan Ferrar, IBM) Introduction to People Analytics (Dave Millner & Nadeem Khan).

As a PhD-educated analytics advisor, I help many complex global organisations whose leaders demand the best from themselves and their workforces gain competitive advantage by creating projects which tap into the full potential of their workforces and sales forces using sophisticated and innovative predictive analytics, machine learning and AI to produce exceptional and measurable financial commercial results.

As an Analytics Coach and Chartered Psychologist, I offer Career Planning and Skills Training to both leaders and/or their teams. My services also include keeping clients abreast of the latest analytics trends and using my network to introduce them to potential employers if required.


Dave Millner Job Descriptions People Analytics Operating Model

Dave Millner

Consulting PArtner, Founder

HR Curator

Experienced consulting practitioner with a demonstrated history of working across may different sectors. Skilled in Executive and Career Development, HR Transformation, Culture and Employee Engagement programs, Organisational Development interventions (organisational design and workforce/succession/scenario planning), People Analytics for HR practitioners and Executive Coaching. Strong consulting professional – Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Occupational Psychology professional.

An author of “Introducing People Analytics: A Practical Guide to Data-Driven HR” and futurist looking at the world of work, the HR function and the people practices across organisations. A regular conference speaker across the globe on these subjects.

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