Virtual Career Assistants @ AXA





11/04/2018 12:20


Head of Future Workforce Engineering

Discover how AXA have built a system of AI chatbots to support Career Advisory, as well as a known/unknown skills gap analysis to facilitate a Digital Workforce Transformation.

Who Should Attend:

HR professionals, HR BP, Development Specialists, Change Managers, CEOs

The Challenge:

AXA is the #1 insurer in Switzerland and one of the biggest worldwide. The Digital Transformation requires exhaustive re- and upskilling of the workforce. Time and budget restrictions require new and scalable methods for people development and individual career advisory.

The Content:

– How can AI be used to provide machine based individual career advisory
– Co-operation with startups regarding on-and-off the job development
– Case study of building and buying a team of Virtual Career Assistants.

The Lessons:

The key takeaways are insights in implementing state of the art tools that address the following questions individually:

1.) How much of my job can be taken over by machines
2.) Which alternatives are there based on my interests, skills and experience
3.) How do I find the right training to get there 4.) How mobile am I compared to my colleagues.

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