Impact Throughout The Organisation: Using People Analytics to Guide and Improve Change Management





11/04/2018 14:50


Who Should Attend:

Senior leaders/managers, Head of People Analytics, Head of HR, all level of org. maturity

The Challenge:

Organisations can make significantly better people decisions today, driven in large part by the agenda set by People Analytics. The challenge is that we don’t use this potential enough, either because we are not asked to contribute in the key decisions, or because we don’t have enough relevant data yet. Our challenge is to be recognised as a strategically important function across the wider organisation.

The Content:

1. Why great analysis is not enough.
2. What is Change Management and why does it need People Analytics.
3. Three Examples of People Data and People Analytics Adding Value to Change Management (And To The Business)
4. How To Engage With Change Management In Practice.

The Lessons:

Change Management is a structured process to handle the people side of change and is an essential part of making projects succeed. Change Management is still relatively young and is still looking for ways to improve its tools and measures. As most organisations are executing their most critical strategic initiatives as projects, they are looking for ways to make Change Management better. During this presentation, we will explore how People Analytics in a practical and significant way can play a major role in delivering excellent Change Management and hence directly impact the successful implementation of strategies within an organisation.

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