Protecting Employees in the New World of Data





11/04/2018 11:30



Real world case studies, general guidance and solution discussion.

Ben Waber, CEO of Humanyze, discusses privacy and transparency in the age of People Analytics. He sets out a vision of how to reap the benefits of People Analytics, while ensuring the employee experience is positive, and that they see the value of the level of data collection and storage now possible.

Who Should Attend:

HR leaders of any level from organisations interested in applying People Analytics models to their employee experience, and is wondering about the impact on employees.

The Challenge:

We can now capture how communication flows between employees and quantify how people work. But access to troves of employee data presents its own challenges around privacy, security and the employee experience. How can you successfully implement a People Analytics solution with your workforce while addressing these concerns and ensuring that employees see the value (and not the “creepy”)?

The Content:

Protecting data privacy and improving the employee experience while maximising the return of your People Analytics initiative. Real world case studies to highlight the benefits of a successful People Analytics platform.

The Lessons:

This session will highlight the abilities of People Analytics and how you can use corporate and communication data to drive business decisions while maintaining vital privacy and security policies to ensure a positive employee experience.

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