People Analytics Leaders Should Think like their Colleagues from Marketing – Customer Experience Analytics Applied to the Employee





12/04/2018 10:20


Co-Founder and CEO

Luk Smeyers, one of Europe’s most experienced People Analytics experts, will challenge delegates in his presentation: in his daily observations and research, most People Analytics practitioners are working in a reactive way somewhere in the shadows of the business. A few highly skilled data scientists – masters of algorithms – are working out their wonders in the ‘dark room of HR’, believing that they are very productive in their silos.

Who Should Attend:

The Challenge:

• People Analytics is not really getting the full support of the rest of the organisation to share information and data with HR
• People Analytics is not yielding at all the highly needed integrated people insights that can keep the business competitive
• People Analytics doesn’t get enough credibility as an analytics function, and as a result remains in the shadows of the business.

The Content:

For those who are serious about growing an impactful People Analytics function and becoming a game changing People Analytics leader, learn the specific techniques and attitudes that are being used successfully in Marketing. This includes personalisation, targeting, hyper-segmentation, journey mapping, A/B testing and more.

The Lessons:

Marketers collect and analyse data on a daily basis in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers. Learn how to apply the same approaches to your internal consumers – employees as well as their managers. Don’t miss Luk’s rich experience behind the scenes of People Analytics and Marketing, and learn from the traps and pitfalls that he has discovered in overseeing more than 100 projects over the past few years. You will be amazed at how well these two domains can overlap.

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