Guiding Corporate Investment Strategy with People Analytics





12/04/2018 14:00


If HR Analytics truly wants to have strategic impact, it must be aligned to the values of the company and the language of finance. Learn how Wolters Kluwer is embedding a values-based approach into HR Analytics, and find out how to gain influence at the very top.

Who Should Attend:

Heads of HR and Analytics, Senior HRBPs, those giving direction to their organisation's People Analytics projects

The Challenge:

Strategic investment decisions are among the most critical that an organisation can make. In many cases, the success or failure of these decisions depends on the right people being in the right place to support the objectives and deliver results. To make the right call, the Board needs a robustly data-driven HR function that can answer financial and strategic questions that relate to financial challenges that lie outside of the HR domain.

The Content:

• In this session, Laurens will show how Wolters Kluwer’s Analytics function and projects are designed for impact. He will showcase:
o Where they started in Wolters Kluwer
o How they built credibility
o How their projects are designed in alignment with their company values
o For every value, he will showcase relevant example projects with strategic impact

• Key topics:
o Finance- know what matters
o The importance of recurring analysis
o Defining accountability for analytics

The Lessons:

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