Building a Networked Organization – The Right Way to Get People On Board Long Term





12/04/2018 11:30


Providing intelligence to Networked Organisations needs an increasing amounts of employee data, the risk of a backlash increases at the same time, if the perception is one of mistrust. Learn how Cisco is redefining the data relationship.

Who Should Attend:

People Analytics Leaders, HR Executives

The Challenge:

The HR and HR PA teams ability to gain trust while managing employee data.
Engage and involve employees in designing new solutions and treating their personal data.
Establish a healthy and successful partnership between HR, Business Leaders and employees.

The Content:

– Where the world of work is heading
– The liquid enterprise: a network of teams
– From metrics to intelligence
– How to deal with people data
– How to redefine the data relationship with your people – the Cisco way
– The network visualiser, and our leaders & people feedback.

The Lessons:

Be exposed to a leading way to consider organisation and talent management
Re-think how you involve and engage your people’s personal data relationship
See how Cisco is establishing a new “deal” on personal data.

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