From “It’s Complicated” to Corporate Cupid





11/04/2018 11:30


Learn how ING have been building a mature analytical team, moving away from one off analyses and experiments, towards being asked by senior management to support strategic initiatives. Not only delivering high profile projects, but even shaping the strategic (HR) agenda using output from innovation experiments.

Who Should Attend:

Those who are starting People Analytics functions, who can learn from our journey so far. Experienced HR and Change professionals working towards new maturity levels, with an eye for strategic initiatives.

The Challenge:

The need to be able to provide strategic advice and support to the HR and corporate agenda.

The Content:

• ING’s People Analytics ambition
• People Analytics journey so far
• Core propositions/services
• Key pillars for success
• More advanced analyses to support strategic data-driven decision making
• Outlook towards driving innovation and shaping the strategic agenda.

The Lessons:

• How to support a People Analytics journey
• How to use insights to answer strategic (business) questions
• How to shape the (HR) agenda/priorities using analysis and innovative experiments.

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