Faster to Master – Connecting people’s aspirations to product delivery and strategic objectives – every little helps…





12/04/2018 14:50


Who Should Attend:

C-Suite, team leaders, everyone interested in optimising organisational performance

The Challenge:

Today’s business leaders need a clear view of their teams’ skills and competencies in order to deliver better products faster. Traditional performance management is top-down and backwards looking, How do successful companies harness the power of their people’s aspirations and align them to corporate objectives?

The Content:

Tesco’s global IT organisation wanted to develop a career and capability framework, with building blocks to support high performing teams. Astrolabe sits at the heart of a culture that’s responsible for attracting, developing and retaining great talent. Based on the aggregation of marginal gains, individuals visualise their growing capabilities, see and measure their own career development in line with corporate goals. The approach is about growing everybody’s capabilities: individuals, teams and ultimately the organisation, building a better future for Tesco.

The Lessons:

In this session, we explore a unique bottom-up approach to building high performing teams; how to align skills to business objectives, visualise capabilities, identify gaps and direct learning interventions in line with corporate objectives.

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