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Everything Finance wants to know from People Analytics

Everything Finance wants to know from the People Analytics Team

How People Analytics can impact the bottom line

Thursday 6 October · 15:00-16:00 BST · Online (Zoom)

In most organisations, total workforce costs constitute the majority of total expenses. Therefore, People Analytics is highly valuable to the CFO! At the same time, People Analytics wants to create business value and the CFO can be instrumental in this. This natural alignment of interest creates a win-win situation.

So how can Finance and People Analytics collaborate to create impact?

Sign up to hear from four seasoned leaders with experience in both People Analytics and Finance. Each of them brings expertise in how people and organisational data can impact the bottom line, and how working with Finance stakeholders can accelerate results. 

The panellists will discuss and share:
  • Demand from Finance for people insights
  • How current trends (inflation, currency risk, rising costs) can impact that demand
  • In which business areas People Analytics and Finance can have the most impact together
  • How People Analytics can play a leading role in improving financial metrics (cost control, revenue growth)
  • Lessons learnt over time.

Register now – watch live and join the conversation, or catch up later on demand. 

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Webinar partner

Araune Chowdhary Knauf

Alraune Chowdhary

Global Director - Digital HR and Operational Excellence
Morten Nielsen 150

Morten Nielsen

Head of People Data & Analytics
Nets Group
Ian Pinkett Arcadia

Ian Pinkett

Global People Analytics Manager
Dirk Jonker Crunchr

Dirk Jonker

Founder & CEO

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