Smarter Employee Engagement Analytics





11/04/2018 16:00


It is easy to plough deeper and deeper into Engagement/Sentiment data but lose sight of what it means for the actual performance of the business. Learn how to keep the right context.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone working in senior HR or Engagement, no technical knowledge required

The Challenge:

Employee Engagement measurement and analysis has all too often over-promised and under-delivered. Typically there is little by way of results to show for the time and money spent on it. This session focuses on practical ideas you can use to get more value from your investment in Employee Engagement analytics – using it to drive better business results, along with enhanced engagement.

The Content:

• Optimising your Employee Engagement “real estate”
• How to do simple but clever analytics with the data, to move beyond one-size-fits-all recommendations
• How to focus senior management on the key findings and recommendations
• How to make it easy for managers to understand and act on these customised recommendations.

The Lessons:

This session will show you how to break out of the very common rut of Employee Engagement analysis, by producing actionable insights that are worthy of the attention of the most senior executives as well as front-line managers.

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