Embracing Analytics – The Opportunities and Challenges for HR





11/04/2018 14:00


Who Should Attend:

HR leaders, functional specialists, business analysts, all organisational types

The Challenge:

There is ever growing pressure on organisations and HR to bring evidence and insight to the people, culture, and organisational dynamics of business – growing reporting and external expectations of transparency, as well as internal understanding of the real risk and value drivers. From productivity, to cybersecurity, to innovation and agility, to diversity and inclusion, the issues facing business (and wider society) are about people, but still our base of data, evidence and insight as fragmented and inconsistent.

We lack common frameworks and language, but also have to ask whether HR is focusing on this in the right ways, whether we have the right capabilities, and how we are working with other functions such as finance to gain better understanding. We must also make sure we are understanding outcomes and where insight and evidence is most needed, and recognise the growing opportunity of the new ways of collecting information about people, using AI to analyse and interpret, but also the profound challenges this is raising in ethics and trust from our people.

The Content:

The content of the presentation will start with the bigger contextual things happening on compliance and transparency, using examples such as gender pay gap reporting and the growing interest from investors, as well as regulators on corporate understanding and reporting around human capital.

Peter will talk about evidence-based approaches to HR and management practice, developments in analytics, AI and new ways of gathering information about people, and the progress being made on common metrics and frameworks and analytical capabilities. He will challenge on where are the opportunities now for HR on this agenda, and what this means for the future of the function, but also what do we need to change and step up to.

The Lessons:

The value I hope will be a broader contextual understanding, a recognition of where progress is being made and how to learn from this, but also how we need to challenge ourselves to step up. This is a critical agenda for the future of the HR profession and should be seen as an opportunity to help position HR more strategically, with a strong evidence base and ability to link to the strategic value and risk agendas.

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