Driving Wellbeing and Positive Behaviour in the Workplace through People Analytics





12/04/2018 14:00


Working as a centralised Business Analytics function, the team at BA found ways to identify and map absence hotspots is a demanding operational environment, using common tools. Learn how this capability was built through cross-domain collaboration and creative use of existing IT capability.

Who Should Attend:

All levels of seniority who have an interest in the Time and Attendance domain

The Challenge:

Customer-serving organisations depend on the wellbeing of their colleagues to deliver the highest standards of customer service. One factor in supporting colleague wellbeing is the management of absence. However, the causes of absence are often complex and challenging, as are the impacts on costs and productivity. BA is focused on colleague wellbeing, which as a result it is a deliverable in its People strategy. Sound analytics is being used to better understand absence, and help develop improvement in colleague absence and wellbeing, and ultimately delivery of excellent customer services.

The Content:

BA has complex organisation structures and very differing workforces, leading to a complex system architecture for managing attendance. Caroline will articulate the complexity experienced, as well as their approach, methodology, challenges and support received to tackle this complexity.

The Lessons:

An approach to delivering sickness and absence metrics that enable comparison across directorates with different types of operational employees.

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