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Building a Business Case for People Analytics

Building a Business Case for People Analytics

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Heather Whiteman

People Analytics Lecturer, University of California

University of California People Analytics Business Case

In this workshop, you will learn how to make a business case for your initiatives leveraging people data. Topics include:

  • Building a compelling business case
  • Inspiring action
  • Gaining allies
  • Getting stakeholder buy-in
  • Tracking success
  • Showing value/ROI with People Analytics.

Through hands on activities, you will practice building a business case that can inspire others to action and leave a lasting impact through the effective use of People Analytics.


Building a Business Case for People Analytics

Leadership, Goals, Analytics, Business Partnership

A template for building a business case

Analytics aren’t enough – you need a strong link to the business and a compelling story that leads to action. Without a business case, there is no clear alignment between people analytics and their purpose within the organisation.

A business case helps to provide a link between the power of data to inform and the ways that it drives organisational success. Too often, People Analytics work goes unseen and the value and impact untold; an effective business case and story showcases the value of your work and initiatives.

This session will explore:

  • Identifying the problem or opportunity
  • Leveraging data and insights to support your efforts
  • Showing the value and ROI of your efforts
  • Gaining allies, stakeholders, buy-in and tracking success
  • Telling the story and inspiring action 

Key takeaways:

  • Get hands on practice building an effective business case with People Analytics
  • Gain tips and tricks to build support and show success with your projects
  • Illustrate the connection between People Analytics and business value.

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Heather Whiteman UCAL Business Case People Analytics

Heather Whiteman

People Analytics Lecturer

University of California

Heather Whiteman, PhD is an expert in People Analytics, Talent Transformation, and the Future of Work. Heather teaches People Analytics at the University of California, Hull University, and Francisco Marroquin. She currently serves as a Future Workplace Executive Fellow and as a board advisor to organisations focused on using people data for good.

Heather is a member of the International Organization for Standards (ISO) Technical Advisory Group TC 260 which focuses on the creation of US and global ISO standards for HR measurement, reporting and public company human capital disclosure.

Heather has held executive roles leading people analytics, talent management, learning & development, HR operations and HR technology at companies like General Electric (GE), PG&E, and more through consulting partnerships. She has led organisations through hyper-growth, digital transformation, mergers, acquisitions & restructuring with the use of advanced, data-informed talent management techniques.

Heather’s passion and focus lies in helping individuals and organisations prepare for the challenges of the future of work, digital talent transformation and in enabling a new future driven by fair data and people analytics insights for good.

Heather Whiteman UCAL Business Case People Analytics