Beyond HR: People Analytics in a Digital Landscape






21/11/2018 11:00


Global Head of Workforce Analytics and Planning


Hear MSD’s inspiring journey into Enterprise Analytics – learn how to put together an analytics and digital roadmap, and make the right connections to tie it to HR and non-HR enterprise initiatives.

Who Should Attend:

Both HR and Non-HR mature organisations, or at least those thinking about Digitisation and its impact on HR and business, Material will be applicable to individuals with all levels of technical sophistication.

The Challenge:

“Digital Transformation” has become a buzzword in the world of business, and HR is no exception. What role do we as Analytics Leaders and/or HR professional play in defining, contextualising and successfully executing on this? How can we connect the right “digital dots” within our organisations to harness the power of analytics across functions and co-create a roadmap that shapes our collective digital future?

The Content:

Geetanjali will be sharing MSD’s journey (with examples and tips) to tackle the hot topics of:
– How to make analytics a key lever in digitisation
– Making the right enterprise connections across divisional boundaries to form a cohesive digital and analytics roadmap (beyond HR)
– Identifying and executing on initiatives at the intersection of analytics and technology, leveraging internal and external partnerships
– Most importantly: how can the “Digital” wave be leveraged as a catalyst for People Analytics?

The Lessons:

Attendees will walk away from this session with practical tips on how to put together an analytics and digital roadmap, how to make the right connections to tie it in to enterprise initiatives (both HR and non HR), how to choose, scope and execute on a portfolio of experiments to further such a transformation, and most importantly – be inspired.

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