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Becoming a Visible Authority

Becoming a Visible Authority




45 minutes

Luk Smeyers

Founder, The Visible Authority

Luk Smeyers Visible Authority

In absence of authority, People Analytics leaders will drown in useless laundry lists.

A few weeks ago, I advised a medium-sized supply chain analytics consulting firm. We started our discussions on the basis of a research project they had initiated in early 2021 amongst 30 CEOs of their enterprise client portfolio.

The main thing they wanted to understand: understanding the characteristics of successful analytical leaders in those organisations. One of the key findings of the research was crystal clear: the analytical leaders who failed to have an impact were those who got drown in laundry lists of low-impact activities.

They hadn’t been capable of rising to the transformational level and, as a result, were pretty much ditched by the management. This session will show how to avoid making the same mistakes.


Becoming a Visible Authority

Strategy/Leadership of the People Analytics leader

I still see too many people analytics leaders doing downstream, low-impact activities instead of working at the upstream, high-impact level. They get drowned in their long laundry lists of low strategic relevance and quickly lose their authority, a prerequisite for success.

This session will explore:

  • Why People Analytics leaders should escape the downstream, low-impact working level
  • Why the notorious translator role and/or a focus on technology will get you stranded at that downstream level
  • Why People Analytics leaders should become visible authorities in their organisations
  • Understanding the 2 main upstream roles of the ‘visible authority People Analytics leader’.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn why you should escape the laundry list way of working in People Analytics
  • Understand the concepts of working at downstream versus upstream level
  • Understand the value of the visible authority concept for People Analytics leaders and specialists
  • Understand the key roles of the ‘visible authority People Analytics leader’: inspiring thinking shifts and picturing the transformational potential.

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Luk Smeyers Visible Authority

Luke Smeyers


The Visible Authority

My name is Luk Smeyers, and I teach internal and external consultants to improve the impact of their work by helping them transform into visible authorities. I have been in consulting businesses for almost 20 years, in very different roles: as European CHRO in a global consultancy, as a startup founder in a People Analytics consultancy, and as a leader in a Big 4 consultancy, post-acquisition of the startup. 

I had the privilege of achieving global visibility as a People Analytics consultant and I never had to sell or persuade as a result. I have now bundled all those experiences, learnings, know-how, research, successes, and struggles from managing and growing that visibility in the past decade.