Advising and Influencing Corporate Strategy Using People Analytics







Head of People Data and Analytics / Programme Manager

Melissa Kantor Prudential HR People Analytics

Learn how to rethink your HR capabilities in a framework of business value drivers, and take your analytics to the highest level.

Who Should Attend:

Practitioners / Senior Leaders who may struggle to demonstrate the strategic value of People Analytics

The Challenge:

While People Analytics can directly and quickly impact on HR operations, and also begin to advise strategic HR decisions, there is a further leap required for these processes to speak directly to the top level corporate agenda.

The Content:

Using case studies from HR capabilities such as:
– Longterm Workforce Planning
– Succession Planning

…we’ll explore how People Analytics can draw in data from across the enterprise to impact on key performance drivers like:
– Innovation
– Diversity & Inclusion

…and contribute to strategic goals like:
– Revenue Growth
– Future Value.

The Lessons:

Learn how Prudential is tying together different threads of business through its workforce data, and providing the insights that the board needs, not just those that HR needs.
Get a better understanding how People Analytics can support corporate strategy, and how to demonstrate that to leaders within your organisations.

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