Saberr People Analytics

Saberr predicts the performance of new hires based on team fit.


Design high performance teams by using Saberr to:

–    Assess candidates during hiring/recruitment
–    Creating new teams of existing employees during resourcing

Saberr profiles the individual and the team.

A revolutionary social profile helping you understand how well employees will work with each other. Delivered via the cloud to any device for easy access and review.

We measure:

–    Personality and behaviours
–    Values, including tolerances

Saberr have developed cloud based algorithms that map human behaviours and interactions to business outcomes. This allows companies to forecast operational performance at the team and individual level. Saberr’s product is focussed on helping the team work well together. Enlightened managers use the Saberr app to help them design and manage teams that deliver their best performance.

Everyone would like their team to communicate openly, challenge each other constructively and work towards common goals. In the real world team dynamics often tend to be more problematic. Saberr identifies the underlying causes that define team success and initially enables you to improve the design of a team, resulting in overall higher performance.