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Resourcing Insight is a global cloud based SaaS platform.  Our dashboards deliver senior strategic HR, talent acquisition and business leaders accurate, validated internal talent acquisition performance data, as well as external comparison data to understand what other organisations are achieving.  This insight enables a businesses senior HR or talent acquisition leadership teams to make credible decisions.  Customers benefiting from this insight include Accenture, Thomson Reuters, AXA, Aviva, Hilton and Worldpay to name a few.


Having surveyed our customers the six key benefits they identified were:

  1. External insight – having accurate, validated comparison data to understand what other organisations are achieving.
  2. Talent acquisition strategy – factual internal and external data to inform decisions and define their strategy.
  3. Changed the conversation – move away from one-dimensional cost conversations; evidence the team’s multifaceted impact.
  4. Remove the smoke and mirrors – know what really is ‘average’, ‘upper quartile’ and a ‘best in class’ performance across the market.
  5. Purchasing decisions – from an RPO agreement to LinkedIn licenses.  Have totally independent view showing you how good suppliers really are.
  6. Diversity, disability and gender hiring – visibility of what percentage of hires companies are actually achieving. Removes the guesswork from setting the businesses expectations.




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