One-Day Practical Workshop:

Lead HR Analytics Projects with Confidence

Unlock the Power of R for People Analytics

London · Munich · Amsterdam

February - March 2019

Hendrik Feddersen European Medicines Agency R HR Analytics

Hendrik Feddersen

Head of HR Information Systems, European Medicines Agency

Develop your in-house HR Analytics capabilities and applications

Confidently start a new role or career, and upgrade your skills in manipulating, visualising and performing statistical tests on HR data

Learn how the free, open-source tool 'R' can be used to find patterns and insight in HR data that can help solve specific HR and business challenges.

Dive into multiple HR business scenarios, and learn in practice how to solve them.

Gain skills that will help you progress as a leader in People Analytics, combining HR domain knowledge with the power of programming and data science methods.

Steph Locke R HR Analytics

Steph Locke

Data Science Consultant, Microsoft AI MVP, satRdays Global Coordinator

Explore data science solutions for HR challenges

Learn how to run R code, and overcome difficulties

Gain skills that will show real commercial impact

This full-day, practical training course is for:

  • Analytically-minded HR professionals who already have experience in calculations, visualisations and pivot tables, and have limited or no experience in using open-source data science tools.
  • HRIS managers and specialists
  • People Analytics team leaders, aspiring team leaders.

The challenge:

Every business should be empowered in making data-informed decisions the new norm, as well as being sustainable in the long term.

The key ingredients needed to make this happen include having access to data, a comprehensive set of data tools, and user knowledge on how to utilise them.

All the while, the importance of human judgement and intuition in guiding less concrete areas like trust, credibility and the ethical use of data must be valued and maintained.

How we will overcoming this challenge:

  • Use sample HR data sets covering a wide range of HR business cases
  • See how to perform hands-on data queries and analysis, and generate useful and insightful reports
  • Dive into hands-on open-source solutions and try these analyses out for yourself with confidence.

Combine your knowledge of HR and people with these new skills of data access and manipulation, and start providing fast and practical advice to your internal customers.

The training is focussed on the practical use of R to query a variety of typical HR data sets, and extract an immense depth of insight. It will not cover how to design employee surveys or how to extract data from HR processes or talent management platforms.

Why attend?

Data education will help drive data-informed decision making.

  • You will learn the power of open-source data science tools
  • You will gain confidence through trying out analyses on the business cases provided
  • You will see how to start looking for similar use cases in your own company, while still appreciating the importance of intuition, trust and credibility
  • Your company will be able to build in-house capabilities to manage HR Analytics projects bottom up, instead of relying solely on big consultancy companies doing it for you top-down.

One-Day Practical Workshops


Learn from experts.

Hendrik Feddersen is both an experienced HR leader and a highly skilled data analyst and programmer.

Steph Locke is a highly sought-after consultant in R and data science in general, with extensive experience in building HR Analytics applications.

This is an unrivalled opportunity to learn from their combined knowledge of HR, programming and data science.

Become the data science guru that your organisation needs to take your HR function to the next level of data-driven insight.

Learn from each other.

Meet with other HR, HRIS and Analytics leaders, developers,
managers and professionals with similar goals and ambitions.

Network in an informal environment afterwards
with other people with a passion for HR, data and analytics.

Make connections in other companies, discover people and ideas that could be exactly what you need to power your next project forward.


Two European Dates

5 February


7 February


Why R?

R is a completely free and open-source programming language, chosen because of its power, availability and widespread adoption.

Some reasons why R is rapidly becoming the preferred tool for data science:

  • Data Wrangling

Data wrangling is the process of cleaning messy and complex data sets to enable convenient consumption and further analysis. This is a very important and time-consuming process in data science; fortunately R has an extensive library of tools for database manipulation and wrangling.

  • Data visualisation

Data visualisation is the visual representation of data in graphical form. This allows analysing data from angles that are not clear from tables. R has many tools that can help in data visualisation, analysis, and representation, all available completely free, and with extensive online community support forums.

  • Specificity

R is a language designed especially for statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. All the R libraries focus on one thing - to make data analysis easier, more approachable and more detailed. Any new statistical method is first enabled through R libraries; this makes R a perfect choice for data analysis and projection. Members of the R community are very active and supporting, and they have a great knowledge of statistics as well as programming. This all gives R a special edge, making it a perfect choice for data science projects.

  • Machine Learning

At some point in data science, a programmer may need to train the algorithm and bring in automation and learning capabilities to make predictions possible. R provides ample tools to developers to train and evaluate an algorithm and predict future events. Thus, R makes machine learning much more easy and approachable. The list of R packages for machine learning is extensive, and again, freely available.

Get 1-to-1 advice from experts in HR Analytics, Data Science and R

Learn how to unlock the power of one of the most essential tools in analytics

Start diving into your HR data efficiently, gain the insight you need

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