PredictiveHire People Analytics

PredictiveHire offers a “data driven prediction” for every candidate, combining hiring efficiencies with improved hiring outcomes and post hire performance.


“We believe that within a few years all new hires will come with a performance prediction based on data rather than subjectivity!”


Our team of statisticians, econometricians, computer & data scientists, and HR specialists use sophisticated tools and techniques to deliver results that can be easily understood by everyone. Disrupting out-of-date HR & Recruitment processes and challenging corporate belief systems through the smart use of data.


Increase Hiring Speed – ability to filter and assess candidates rapidly, using the data prediction to pinpoint those that should be taken through a more extensive candidate journey.

Improve Hiring Quality – look beyond the resume, where success in roles can seemingly be provided by wide ranging backgrounds and previous (even limited) experience.

Increase Diversity and Inclusion – address and remove bias in hiring processes. Our product asks for no data that might influence a hiring manager’s mindset

Drive Higher Performance and Productivity – provide a measurement for quality of hire via performance and / or tenure indicators.


We work for businesses across all sectors who are looking to address performance or turnover opportunities in particular workforce groups. Typically multi imcumbent groups where business-as-usual hiring efforts are a significant operation throughout most of the calendar year. We have delivered products to Hospitality/Leisure, Financial Services, Retail, Business Services and several other sectors.

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White paper: High Volume Recruitment in the UK Retail Sector 2016

Case study: Workforce Science in Action


Twitter: predictive_hire

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