People Analytics Awards

This year’s conference will feature the first-ever People Analytics Awards ceremony


The awards will shine a light on some of the most creative, innovative and disruptive analytics technology providers in the HR marketplace, and some of the leading lights in putting theory into action.


Awards will be given for success in start-ups, established and successful technology providers, and individuals who are leading the field.


3 technology finalists for each award will have 5 minute presentations on stage in front of the whole conference (in person or by video).


The deadline for applying is 18.00 on Monday 18 April. If you would like to apply for the awards, please get in touch at

People Analytics Awards 2016

#1 : Emerging Game-Changer


This award is for young, emerging technology start-ups who are disrupting the field of People Analytics.


Whether barely out of the development stage, or already making significant impact for clients, this award will bring potential future marketplace leaders into the spotlight.

People Analytics Awards - Business Supercharger

#2 : Business Supercharger


This award is for technology that had a significant and measurable impact on HR/business success and ROI for a client.


Through creative ways of analysing internal and/or external data, the winner will have demonstrated repeated success in one or more areas of HR – recruitment/sourcing, retention, talent/workforce optimisation, cost and efficiency, employee insight and engagement, workforce planning etc.

People Analytics Awards - Individual achievement

#3 : Individual Achievement


This award is for a senior practitioner, consultant or academic who has guided one or more organisations to significant and notable success in People Analytics.


This award will recognise someone who has had the most notable and commendable success in steering an organisation or organisations to success in People Analytics.

Criteria – Your company must be:

  1. Less than 5 years from inception, and you consider yourself to be a start-up
  2. Still developing, and pursuing a scalable, high-growth business model
  3. Technologically innovative and disruptive of the status quo
  4. May or may not yet be profitable.

Criteria – Your company must be:

  1. Offering a technology product that uses analytics to improve HR and related practices
  2. Actively providing this service to clients, with demonstrable successes
  3. Providing a creative and innovative offering to the HR Technology marketplace

Criteria – You must:

  1. Be a senior practitioner, consultant or academic working in the field of HR and analytics
  2. Have recently led a business or business fuction in an analytics- or data-related project
  3. OR have recently published notable and widely-acclaimed work in the field of HR and analytics

Your entry will be judged on:

  1. Technical innovation
  2. Creativity of approach
  3. Practicality and applicability
  4. Demonstrable or potential benefits and impact

Your entry will be judged on:

  1. Innovation
  2. Cost
  3. Applicability
  4. Functionality and effectiveness
  5. Impact on clients
  6. Impact on the industry

Your entry will be judged on:

  1. Success achieved by your department, company, and/or clients
  2. Notability of your published work, if any
  3. Innovation and creativity in your approach
  4. Deep comprehension of the business demands, and effective contribution to strategic objectives.

Judging Panel

Max Blumberg

Founder, Blumberg Partnership;
Executive Advisor, CIPD

Max Blumberg People Analytics

Eugene Burke

Former Chief Science & Analytics Officer, CEB

Eugene Burke, Former Chief Science & Analytics officer


Group HR Director

Richard Phelps

Former Global HR Consulting Lead; PwC, Founder, Saratoga Analytics

Richard Phelps People Analytics

To apply:

Please send a presentation of your company, an explanation of how it fits the criteria, and a demonstration of how you have excelled in the judging categories.

Good things to include are client references, case studies, external coverage in the media and any other third-party evidence of your promise and achievement.

Arranging an online demo of the software will allow the judges to better assess the value it presents, though this is not essential if it is impossible, and the value of your product can be demonstrated in another way.

Finalists will have 3 minutes to present their company onstage – this can be a video, or a slideshow and accompanying presentation.

To apply: Email us at with your presentation, outlining how your company fulfills the criteria.

Please provide links to any supporting documentation, like client case studies.

Deadline: 18.00 UK time, Monday 18 April 2016

People Analytics Conference 2016