People Analytics Awards

Last year’s conference featured the first-ever HR Analytics Awards ceremony

The awards shine a light on some of the most creative, innovative and disruptive analytics technology providers in the HR marketplace, and some of the leading lights in putting theory into action.

Awards were given for success in start-ups, established and successful technology providers, and individuals who are leading the field.

The technology awards featured 4 finalists and one winner; the practitioner award was a joint win without finalists.

People Analytics Awards 2016

#1 : Emerging Game-Changer

This award is for young, emerging technology start-ups who are disrupting the field of People Analytics.

Whether barely out of the development stage, or already making significant impact for clients, this award will bring potential future marketplace leaders into the spotlight.

People Analytics Awards - Business Supercharger

#2 : Business Supercharger

This award is for technology that had a significant and measurable impact on HR/business success and ROI for a client.

Through creative ways of analysing internal and/or external data, the winner will have demonstrated repeated success in one or more areas of HR.

People Analytics Awards - Individual achievement

#3 : Individual Achievement

This award is for a senior practitioner, consultant or academic, and will recognise individual success in People Analytics.

This award will recognise someone who has had the most notable and commendable success in steering an organisation or organisations to success in People Analytics.






Joint winners:

  • Martin Oest – former Head of HR Analytics and Strategic Workforce Planning, London Metropolitan Police
  • Damien Dellala – Head of People Data & Analytics Enablement, Westpac Group

Judging Panel

Max Blumberg

Founder, Blumberg Partnership;
Executive Advisor, CIPD

Max Blumberg People Analytics

Eugene Burke

Former Chief Science & Analytics Officer, CEB

Eugene Burke, Former Chief Science & Analytics officer

Emma Parry

Professor of HR Management
Cranfield School of Management

Emma Parry, Professor of HR Management Cranfield School of Managment

Richard Phelps

Former Global HR Consulting Lead; PwC, Founder, Saratoga Analytics

Richard Phelps People Analytics

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People Analytics Conference 2016