people analytics forum 2017

"Thanks for the event. The guys really enjoyed it – for generating new leads and new business, it was our most successful event yet, by far." - CMO, Peakon

"Very pleased... great mix of high-profile HR professionals with a common focus on analytics... great calibre of senior HR delegates, and very focussed on one-to-one conversations." - European Marketing Leader, IBM

"I found it the best conference in Europe on the subject, I also got excellent feedback from other participants." Co-Founder, iNostix by Deloitte

Europe's Leading Conference on Data-Driven HR


People Analytics Forum brings together hundreds of senior HR professionals and executives, all of whom share an excitement about the potential of data to guide their strategy and operations.


Some will be taking the first steps in the analytics journey, others will have advanced data and capability, and looking to discover new ways to gain insight in to the present and future of their workforce. All will be looking for guidance of some kind in this area, which makes them potential clients for you.

Audience at Tucana HR analytics conference

Stand Out in The Marketplace


The conference represents a chance to announce your brand to a niche audience that understand the power of analytics and what it means for HR.


In a crowded marketplace, this is your chance to be noticed, to make a lot of valuable connections at forward-thinking companies, and to put your name at the top of people's lists when considering their next investment in HR Analytics technology.

Don't Get Lost in the Crowd!


Trade shows can be draining, in more ways than one, fighting with hundreds of other exhibitors for a few fleeting conversations with people who may not even remember you by tomorrow.


At People Analytics World, every company is an integral part of the event. With a boutique exhibition limited to 20 companies, you can be very sure of having face-to-face contact with people throughout the conference. All breaks and meetings take place in the same exhibition lounge, so there is a constant high footfall past your stand. All you need to do is say hello!


Or call +44 (0)203 290 3221


Reserve your own 3x2m exhibition space, to brand and lay out as you please. Make your brand a noticeable part of the conference scenery, be noticed by everyone, and ensure that your company is seen again and again in the photos and videos taken at the event.


Show your software in action - present for 15 minutes during a break and leave people with a clear vision of how your platform can work for them



Take the stage for 20 or 40 minutes, share your experiences, present a client case study or offer you thought leadership. Assert yourself and your company as being leaders and beacons in this space.


Pre-schedule meetings with attendees in advance via the conference app. Start conversations before the event, prepare for each person's requirements, book a time for them to give you their full attention, and follow up afterwards to turn these valuable leads into lucrative new business.


Or call +44 (0)203 290 3221

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