One Model People Analytics

‘Analytics is Easy, Data is Hard.

We deliver HR with a data strategy.


We know that if you manage your data well in the first place, analytics, planning, and how you integrate data to other products can be delivered with relative ease.  As such we focus on the hard work around extracting, and modelling data from all of a companies HR Technology sources.   We bring together several different HR technology platforms and make them look as if they were a single source.  On premise data sources (sap, peoplesoft, oracle, etc) we provide the workplan and tools to get access to that data.  Cloud sources we connect directly to the API and synchronize data across in near real-time.   Data immediately flows through to users for analysis.

On top of this clean, modelled data we deliver a full measurement framework with 1000’s of metrics and a visualization platform providing adhoc analysis, and dashboarding.   This is basic analytics capability that every company has struggled to achieve.

Beyond this our concept of Augmentations provide capabilities to extend and augment the data set.  We provide algorithmic calculations like quality of hire, cost of turnover (at the individual employee level), and can add to the data set from external calculations like Commute Times based on home and work addresses.    Our integration of machine learning allows us to provide predictive capabilities to our customers including attrition risk, and quality of candidates in the recruiting pipeline.

No other vendor focusses on the data like we do, they all are virtually just a visualization layer on top of a templated data format that the customer must build (the hard part).    Our speed to implement and work with a customer is impressive for one of our recent implementations with HomeAway we had all their data stood up in 1 week, and in matter of 3 weeks had delivered a predictive attrition risk model that identified $6M in high performing employees at risk of leaving.

Lastly and the real full circle for our data strategy is that we can move data around to people, and destinations that need it.  You can supply an internal data science team, an on premise warhouse, or an external consulting team or vendor with data directly from One Model.  All without the need for an integration toolset or involvement from IT.