people analytics awards 2017

Please provide the material to support your application by email to

You can use the contact form below, but we recommend sending detailed presentations, technical explanations and case studies as well, and also some verifiable evidence of your success, since marketing messages alone are unlikely to lead to a winning entry.

The submission deadline is close of business on Friday 10 November. Finalists will be announced shortly afterwards. Winners will be announced during the Awards session on Day Two (30 November).

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You can submit a preliminary entry via the form above, or email your full documentation to

For more information about the awards and submission process, please call +44 (0)203 290 3221.


We recommend you provide the following information in your submission, where possible:


1.  A couple of paragraphs describing your company’s story, including the year you first went to market;


2.  A presentation of your product, and the value it can provide to customers;


3.  An explanation of the technology and innovation and/or creative thinking that that sets it apart from the competition;


4.  Some examples / case studies of how your product has worked for clients, including concrete figures and measurable impact;


5.  If you are a start-up and have not yet had time to demonstrate client impact, then extra emphasis should be on the technical and methodological innovation and the promise your offering shows;


6.  If you have any third-party testimonials, external articles, or any other supporting documentation or media, this can all be included.

The awards are a phenomenal opportunity to present yourself and your company to the global HR, Analytics and Workforce Planning community. You have to be in it to win it!


Submission deadline: Friday 10 Nov