You are currently viewing Storytelling with Data Podcast #1 – The Art of Feedback

Storytelling with Data Podcast #1 – The Art of Feedback

Storytelling with Data, Cole Nussbaumer

Storytelling with Data Podcast #1: The Art of Feedback
with Cole Nussbaumer

Welcome to the very first episode of the storytelling with data podcast! This first episode focuses on feedback in data visualisation. Cole discusses the value of both giving and receiving data visualisation feedback, and potential problem areas to avoid. Hear The Economist’s response to the hurricane data visualisation challenge, as well as answers to reader questions on the topics of when to use graphs, considerations with dashboards, and DataViz 101 book recommendations.

Total listening time: 33m 38s
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Below are links to the documents and sources mentioned during the podcast episode.

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“In Storytelling with Data, Cole Nussbaumer has created an of-the-moment complement to the work of data visualization pioneers like Edward Tufte. She’s worked at – and with – some of the most data-driven organizations on the planet, as well as some of the most mission-driven, data-free institutions. In both cases, she’s helped sharpen their messages, and their thinking.”

— Laszlo Bock, SVP of People Operations, Google, and author of ‘Work Rules!’