Draft ISO Standard on Human Capital Reporting


By Laurie Bassi - CEO, McBassi & Co.

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We thought many of you would be interested in knowing that significant progress has been made towards creating an international standard for human capital reporting. 

ISO DIS 30414 (Human resource management - Guidelines for human capital reporting for internal and external stakeholders) has been "balloted" as a Draft International Standard by the ISO, the International Organization on Standardization.  This means that the document is now available for member countries to review and vote on.  Each country, including the United States, must provide its vote to the ISO by April 2, 2018.  

It is the practice of the US Technical Advisory Group, the US representative body to the ISO, to make documents on draft standards available for the general public to review and to make comments.  The US Technical Advisory Group may then consider this feedback in its response to ISO.  Here is the link for public comments.

The public comment period will close March 23, 2018. So if you want your voice to be heard on this, now's the time to swing into action.

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