What Have HR Standards Ever Done For Us? – John Boudreau ¦ TPAP009

The People Analytics Podcast is a series of lively conversations with leading HR practitioners, thought leaders and tech pioneers from a variety of backgrounds and experience from around the globe.  Hosted by Max Blumberg, each episode promises the listener an engaging discussion on the topical issues in the HR field today, including data-driven HR, workforce planning and new technology.

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John Boudreau - Professor of Management, University of Southern California

University of Southern California
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Episode 9:
What Have HR Standards Ever Done For Us?

Does your organisation have a standard set of definitions for all concepts, relationships and interventions related to your workforce? Does your employee data all fit neatly into pre-defined boxes, with all interconnectivity already clearly mapped out?


No? Well, unsurprisingly, you're not alone.


The goal of standardising HR can seem mirage-like at times, and one could be forgiven for wondering if attempts to impose a framework of logic and statistics on every aspect of Human Capital Management is futile at best.

Nevertheless, most other areas of business operate in exactly this way. As we all know, quantifying human capability and behaviour is a very different prospect to quantifying materials or financials. But if the uncountable can be made countable, it would mean an immense operational - and consequently strategic - advantage for your organisation. Effective real-world analytics of any kind relies on precisely this.

For the opening episode of the second season of the People Analytics Podcast, Max Blumberg talks with John Boudreau, one of the most recognised names in HR globally.

In a fascinating interview, they discuss:

  • What HR standards really mean for a business
  • How HR practitioners and analysts can use HR standards to improve human capital effectiveness in their organisations
  • Linking people activity to organisational outcomes
  • How you can use supply chain concepts in the recruitment, development and retention of your people.

John Boudreau is Professor of Management at the University of Southern California, and Director of the Center for Effective Organizations. John's work has appeared regularly in the Harvard Business Review, among other similarly prestigious platforms, and his writing and teaching has influenced HR and Organisational Development around the world for decades.